Streamlines special orders, tracks demo clubs, simplifies staff scheduling, organizes club repairs, and automates member communication.

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Special Order Tracking

Capture and track orders from the moment an order is placed to the moment it’s delivered and every step in between, with automatic alerts to members and guests.

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Demo Club Tracking

Manage the demo club tracking process from start to finish. Automatically remind members via email and/or text message when their demo is due back. Reduce shrinkage and increase sales!

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Automated Communication

Automatically inform members through personalized text messages and emails. Enhance their experience and improve your efficiency.

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Member Surveys & Profiles

Gather and quickly see member information including personal preferences, club fitting specs, “what’s in the bag”, and other custom fields. Use this information to take member service to the next level!

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Enhanced Mobile App

Access member information, manage demo clubs, and control special orders directly from your mobile phone.

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Staff Scheduling

Easily manage your staff scheduling and communication needs. Allow staff to manage their schedules, request time off, and swap shifts. Reduce labor costs and enhance operations.

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Club Repair Tracking

Streamline assigning and tracking all your repairs. From start to finish, automatically notify members on the status of their repairs.


Barcode Scanning

Tracking demo clubs just got even easier! Now simply scan the barcode to check a demo in or out.

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Report Center

Detailed report templates make it easy to generate order forms, inventory lists, and shaft labels. Customize templates to create the information you need. Track cost-of-goods, shipping costs, delivery timeframes, and annual totals.

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Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Golf Genius is cloud-based, so it's always on and accessible from anywhere. The comprehensive Knowledge Base and out team of knowledgeable PGA Professionals are ready to assist you 24/7.



Annual Subscription        $1,900

($1,600 with either PREMIUM TM Product)

One-Time Onboarding Fee   $300

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